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CRC Business Solutions is an accounting and business advisory firm with over 20 year’s experience in business turnaround solutions, corporate restructures, business finance and insolvency management. We provide practical strategies and solutions on a range of issues facing company directors and business owners who want to meet the challenges of todays’ business environment. At CRC we specialise in growth and leadership strategies for business owners and focus on performance improvement and advanced business structures. Our whole business approach and high ethical standards allow us to deliver meaningful, valuable advice to our clients based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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“To use and develop knowledge that evolves into strategies to create value for business owners and their families.”

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  • “Having lost confidence in my business partners, I engaged the services of CRC Business Solutions to assist with my departure from the business as both a shareholder and director and to mitigate my risk of any contingent liability. After reviewing and analysing my position, CRC Business Solutions successfully negotiated a Heads of Agreement between all parties. CRC Business Solutions followed the whole matter right through to completion of the necessary agreements, ensuring my risks were minimised. Engaging CRC Business Solutions saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their work included: Risk: -Identification -Quantification Document: -Preparation -Execution Negotiation”.

  • “I was a director of a company in the Marine Industry and had signed numerous personal guarantees. My company was having difficulty paying debts, resulting in the guarantees being called on. I sought the advice of CRC Business Solutions as I was at a complete loss as to what my next step should be. CRC gave expert advice that allowed me to stop the company’s trading without incurring the cost of a liquidator or administrator. They also gave me very practical advice that has allowed me to get on top of my own financial future including the establishment of my new business (also in the Marine Industry). CRC Business Solutions walked me through the whole process in association with my accountants. It was very reassuring to know that I had this highly professional firm on my side. The whole process ran smoothly and with the least amount of stress as possible. They also took the pressure off me by dealing directly with the creditors, financiers and the landlord. Thanks to CRC Business Solutions, my business is better structured, better capitalised and more profitable than it has ever been. I feel I can put all the bad decisions behind me and learn from the tips and advice given to me to continue to have a successful business in the future.”

  • “I was the director of a company that went into liquidation. Due to guarantees entered into, I was left with personal debt of $96,000, which I was unable to meet. A third party agreed to pay these debts for me but had available only a fraction of the funds required. I approached CRC Business Solutions in the hopes that they could put forth a proposal to my creditors to settle the debt. They did this successfully with 100% of my creditors, who agreed to accept 36 cents in the dollar as full and final settlement. Without CRC Business Solutions, I would never have been able to resolve my liability issue and am very grateful for their efforts and especially the results.”

We are a unique team of the brightest investment professionals.


Richard Croaker


He is a successful mentor to businesses operators who are seeking to renew and grow their businesses. Richard’s understanding of business management and his financial expertise is so well regarded that a large network of accountants regularly refers clients to Richards so he can help to re-establish their business goals and minimise risk.


Debbie Croaker

Administration Manager

Debbie has worked side by side with the CRC Business Solutions Director, Richard Croaker, for 16 years in both an administrative and secretarial capacity. As a result of her experience, she has a wealth of knowledge in the insolvency field. Debbie’s eye for detail and organizational skills are vital to CRC Business Solutions’ effectiveness and help us to get the job done in a professional and time efficient way.


Francia Dela Peña

Personal Assistant

Based in our Philippines office, Francia joined the CRC team as a telemarketing assistant in early November 2014 and has now progressed into the position of Personal Assistant to Richard Croaker. Francia started her career as a certified sales and customer service representative in one of the fastest growing BPO companies in Clark Philippines.

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